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WEEK 3 MEDIA DISCUSSION 26 Sep 2015 11:15 #7757

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The media topic I chose to discuss this week is one that I was showed in my Philosophy class one that I would never forget and for sure will pass along to anyone thats willing to listen. This youtube clip is called "This is water" by David Foster Wallace. This commecement speech to me is an introductory to life that all graduating undergrad seniors should hear, this speech is about the day ins and day out of life and it couldn't be better written. This speech had some comedic points with all truth to it, "This is water" starts out with three fish swimming in a fish bowl two boy fish and one man fish the man fish swimming the opposite direction asked the two boy fish; morning boys, hows the water? the two boy fish swam for a little longer before one asked whats water? David starts off by saying that were missing the obvious the obvious is whats in front of us.
He explains to us that after college we'll go and get our white collar college graduate job that we'll work day in and day out, he states "that the most obvious important realities are the ones thats hardest to see and talk about". which is why he use the fish metaphor " what is water" we live our day to day getting stuck in routine and we don't take a second to look around us and think about whats going on and where we stand in life we get so rapped up in "boredom,routine, and petty frustration" and we for some reason think that this life is all about us. Please if your reading this watch the youtube clip you'll enjoy it I promise search this is water David Foster Wallace fish video
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