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TOPIC: Has Twitter ruined Journalism?

Has Twitter ruined Journalism? 26 Apr 2016 13:38 #9606

  • Aram.A
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I'll admit, I saw the date and month and thought this article was as recent as it gets, didn't realize the year was dated. However, I liked the topic of discussion enough to pursue against the risk as it is still pertinent today.


The answer to that question is more complicated than one can imagine. In a sense, Twitter has made news more accessible, at a quicker rate. Many things that a lot of people were able to get away with before are unable to do so with the expansion of social media. Due to the emergence of Twitter, and how, in many situations, it is used as the first source of finding something out before anyone else the world of news will never be the same. Many top quality journalists, who before would have to write an article and have it print the next day, are now tweeting their breaking news stories right as it happens.

Everything I mentioned in the above paragraph can all be twisted to be negative, as well. Sometimes being quick isn’t the best solution. Many a times a journalist has reported something on Twitter and later go on to apologize about tweeting wrong information. Also, many journalists have lost tons of credibility, because of tweeting incorrect information. This, particularly, happens in sports. Whenever a major sports story breaks everyone wants to be the first to report, because of this, many sportswriters have lost jobs and or have fallen from grace.

So, has Twitter ruined journalist? Yes and no. As long as report the right stuff, you are fine, but make sure it is one hundred percent correct information in that 140 character box you have.
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Has Twitter ruined Journalism? 29 Apr 2016 21:46 #9618

  • Kyle.L
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Twitter has not ruined journalism as Twitter is usually used just to report the start of a news story as most time news that appears on Twitter is just basic information. Journalism is special because the only way to get the whole story is by reading about it later on as we get every detail a reader wants in the whole story. In a way Twitter actually helps journalism as it can get people to read the entire story later on as they were interested in the story and they want to get all the information. Journalism hasn't been ruined by Twitter as it helps to solidify journalism as an actual need for the media.
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Has Twitter ruined Journalism? 01 May 2016 10:08 #9629

  • Kajsa.S
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As you said, twitter has both yes and no "ruined" journalism. But I think ruined is a bit harsh, I would say twitter has influented journalism in both good and bad ways. Twitter is more of a social media platform we use to comment and start discussion about certain topics or happenings that are going on in the world.
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Has Twitter ruined Journalism? 15 Sep 2016 21:57 #10198

  • Marina
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I am not an active user of Twitter, personally that particular social media site has not captured my attention. However, as an inspiring Journalist I am realizing that utilizing the different and most popular social media sites can in fact be beneficial to an individual who is in the line of work pertaining to Journalism or even Marketing. I think that it is important for Journalist to stay up to speed with the "hot topics" of todays modern society that are being served through these social media sites.
Is it a strong statement to say that Twitter itself is ruining Journalism as a whole? Maybe so, but with todays technological advances and with up and coming social media trends I think that such sites play key roles with the modernization of Journalism. As you said, Journalist tend to post up information on their latest assignments on Twitter before actually researching thouroughly if the information is factual and find themselves retracting what they say. This I can see be damaging to a Journalist's career by taking from their credibility and there for be a negative in this debate. Whats I can express is that I do believe Twitter and other social media outlets take away from the effort and research aspects that make up what Journalist do, it is far too easy these days to find information through these sites and going based off what information has already been submitted into the work rather then exploring what is left between the lines.
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