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TOPIC: Tabloids and celebrity deaths

Tabloids and celebrity deaths 01 May 2016 18:27 #9643

  • johanna.g
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Whenever a celebrity dies under suspicious circumstances, speculations run wild. The media jumps to conclusions and speculations. Journalists become frenzied to be the first to break the story. “It was drugs.” “It was an over-dose, it was suicide.” Sure, sometimes these assumptions turn out to be the truth but all too often, not.

I was grocery shopping at Ralphs today and at the check-out there were a bunch of tabloids speculating about Prince’s dead. With headlines like: ”Prince dead- investigators says it was murder!”, ”AIDS killed Prince!”, other sources suggests it was the flu, overdose/ other sickness. I saw five different magazines next to each other, each with a different motive of what caused his death. When a celebrity dies, stories are endlessly circulated in the tabloid media.

In tabloid story writing something doesn't have to be true to print, someone just has to have said that it was true. Writers can bring in sources and experts to confirm just about anything. However, in a highly regarded newspaper like the New York Times or Washington Post, the facts in a news story are checked and confirmed with multiple sources. Editors and writers conform to journalistic standards and work hard to maintain an overall sense of objectivity. Tabloids don't seem to follow any of these rules. They just print whatever makes the most money. So everyone should just remember that this is not a reliable source and don't trust any big yellow headline while waiting in line at the supermarket.
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Tabloids and celebrity deaths 01 May 2016 18:48 #9646

  • skyekelly
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I was also reading a lot about all of the different theories arising from Princes death. It is always sad when someone dies young or not natural causes, but it leaves for so much speculation. I have seen the trend towards the more mainstream media quoting TMZ and it becoming a bit of a respected source. But it is still just "sources" that I would say maybe less vetted then for some more traditional news media. It is scary how easy it is to print something about someone with very little substantiation.
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