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TOPIC: Ignorance in the Rap game

Ignorance in the Rap game 29 May 2016 12:00 #9950

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So Gucci Mane is out of prison and I just heard about this, however, I didn't know he was in prison in the first place. I have to admit that I don't follow these thing that closely in the first place. It leads me to explain why I'm writing about it. I get sad and annoyed when rapper get caught up in the life they try to portray in there songs. I understand some have worked hard in that lifestyle and its just apart of them and its hard to let go of something when its all you've ever known. However, when a Dave Chappelle, said "when keeping it real goes wrong" I force to think about how Gucci Mane landed in prison. By calling the judge a bitch after one of his songs and she gave him 3 years. This is the epitome of the ignorance and mentality that some of these rapper cant seem to let go or grow beyond that unfortunately keeps them down and holds them back.
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