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TOPIC: Manufacturing Consent- Noam Chomsky

Manufacturing Consent- Noam Chomsky 03 May 2012 14:29 #779

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I recommend everyone watch this whole documentary, but here's one clip that shows how the media leaves out and edits information from news stories. Convincingly presented is Mr. Chomsky's outrage over press and television inattention to Indonesian atrocities in East Timor. This was a genocide that the media turned their backs on.

Manufacturing Consent sticks to media influence; how corporations control the media, and that the media is not free speech since it's owned by corporations. The New York Times will print what is in the interest of The New York Times.

Government will suppress news in its best interest. This is only considered a "fact" if one looks historically. We laugh at the inane propaganda of early newsreels, but is World News Tonight any different? Will it cover mass genocide in other countries without previous consent or some agenda? No. If the US backs the current regime, chances are you won't hear about any problems in, say, some small country near Indonesia, or in Africa. This is an eye-opening film that everyone should watch for FREE on youtube.
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Manufacturing Consent- Noam Chomsky 14 Oct 2012 22:57 #1404

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"We laugh at the inane propaganda of early newsreels, but is World News Tonight any different?" I feel that there is no difference between the past and present. Vital information is still suppressed today, or altered in a more favorable light. All countries do this, I do not know of a single country that has not practiced this. In America, the media loves to sensationalize news of horrible government action in countries far away, casting itself in a good view therefore creating the blind misconception that Americans are living the good life when in fact, there is plenty of poverty in many minority communities.
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