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TOPIC: Not happy with your job?

Not happy with your job? 27 Oct 2013 21:32 #3855

  • Hwaran.K
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Are you working in somewhere? if so, are you satisfied with your job? Even though I am not working now, I guess everone is not satisfied with thier job because of co-workers, salary, negative incidents, promotion, and so on. Recently, I found an interesting article. It is said nine in ten workers who are fifty or older are very satisfied with their job regardless of gender, race, political ideology, income level, and education level ( a study by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research). The most important point here is that the older workers have expressed more happiness with their work than younger people have. Well... some people might diametrically opposed to this statistic for some reasons. I understand because there are so many people living on the earth, and everyone is different.In addition, each generation grows and develops in their own way. For example,my father is over fifty years old and he has worked in a hotel for a long time. Yet, he is under a lot of work-related stress whenever he is promoted a higher position. The reason he gets stress is that my father feels overwhelmed by pressure and responsibility. Believe it or not, the statistic can be true or not.
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Not happy with your job? 01 Jun 2015 02:16 #7379

  • gabriel.l
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I don't know how the statistic can be both true and at the same time, not. Its hard for me to believe that 90% of the working force over the age of 50 are content with their jobs but I wouldn't be surprised if a slightly higher percentage of older individuals are happier than their younger counter parts. Why? Probably through trial and error efforts. Young working individuals just haven't learned the ins and outs of coping with work, and don't have the best frame of reference for what actually affects happiness in the work place. Maybe?
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