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TOPIC: Crisis in Europe

Crisis in Europe 12 Sep 2015 18:53 #7543

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One of the major news items in the past week is the debate revolving around the refugee crisis happening in Europe. I recently read a news article titled “Europe’s refugee crisis: Trash trail left behind by asylum seekers upset locals,” and find myself thinking a lot about the issue at hand. The current wave of refugees pouring into many European countries is extremely sensitive, for it is not only a humanitarian situation but also bears great implication on the social, economical and political stability of these countries. Consequently, how the crisis is going to be dealt with will not only affect the present life of millions of people but also have enormous impact on the future of Europe on a whole.
The article reveals an undesirable impact of the refugees on their journey of asylum seeking. The amount of trash they left behind after passing a place, whether it is a national park or a roadside, is something local people cannot help but complain. Those who are against these refugees, surely will grasp on this and claim that the garbage is but the first sign of the troubles they are bringing with them to Europe. Just like the far-right Dutch leader Geert Wilders, who called the wave of refugees “an Islamic invasion of Europe, of the Netherlands… that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity,” many people would think it is a bad idea to let in such a huge number of refugees.
At the other end of the argument, some Europeans give refugees a warm welcome by offering them support, temporary housing and making donations to humanitarian organizations. While their action is certainly praiseworthy, the worries and fear voiced by the other side are not totally unreasonable. This is the reason why European parliament, despite many attempts, is still unable to come up with any long term solution. I believe that what matters here is not to vilify or to beautify the refugees, for it is a reality that they are coming in and there is little that can be done to stop that. What is important now is to find a solution to deal with the aftermath of the crisis, one that is capable to maintaining the stability and growth of these European countries.

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