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TOPIC: Police in the U.S

Police in the U.S 27 Mar 2016 22:58 #9343

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Very often the Police in the U.S are presented as cops that are very tough. You can read in the papers and see on the news that the cops in the states are people that you don't want to mess with. And when I say mess, I don't mean doing bad stuff or being unpleasant but not to talk to them. I grew up in Sweden and it is completely different there. A police officers would actually like to talk to you and it is their way to make you feel safe in the community. They don't want you to feel that it is the Police against the people.
I'm trying to understand the method that is being used in the States, because when I got here I experienced that a lot of the cops don't even want you to talk to them. And not only does the media portray them in that way, but it feels like that the Police are separating themselves in the community, like they are over the rest of those who are not cops. I wonder if their behavior would change, could the community change into something better?
And of course all the cops are not in that way over here, I'm just saying in general. I was happy to meet two Cops yesterday that was the complete opposite of what I've been experience since I got here. They actually felt more safe for the community than the ones who are unpolite.
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