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TOPIC: Communication 10 class discussion on Watt's riots-

Communication 10 class discussion on Watt's riots- 21 May 2012 21:55 #1012

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The discussion we had in class about the Watt's riot and the Los Angeles Riot has really been on my mind since. When I really think it through--how horrible and racist humankind can be it really frustrates me, and saddens me. How, if we all claim to be American, hate one another for our color, culture, ethnicity, language? Not even so much that we're "American" - but that we are all HUMAN.

I hate hearing people talk about other Latinos--generalizing that we're all immigrants, poor, chunti, trouble makers- when in reality many of us are working our a**es off to sustain a family. And so what if some Latinos make a ruckus - it's the same in every race. African American's are discriminated and looked down upon because of their color; they are human beings who have feelings just like the rich white folks! African American's have come a long way in America- and if any race should have a high level of respect, it should be them. I wish racist, ignorant people could realize that we all are equal and should not be treated differently.

But the sad truth is-- I don't think America, the world in general, will ever be able to prevent, eliminate racism, and that is a sad thought. :pinch:
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