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TOPIC: Miami Zombie

Miami Zombie 01 Jun 2012 01:23 #1121

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So im pretty sure everyone by now has heard of the horrible and disgusting story of the miami zombie. I personally cant wrap my mind around the fact that bath salts can make a person get naked infront of people and literally eat someones face off.I mean just thinking about someone teaaring flesh off a humans face is soooo disturbing. This sounds like the type of stuff horror movies would show.

I did some research on this story and found out that the miami zombie was a guy named Eugene and that homeless man is Ronald Poppo. They arent completly sure what Eugene was on at the time but they think its bath salts. Who ever thought bath salts can make you go completly zombie like. I wonder how people just try different things to see what effect it has on them. I mean does someone randomly think "what should i consume to get a high?" who ever thought bath salts? I mean did someone one day decide to take a bath and comsume bath salts.

What is next? I guess people will do and try anything to get the high affect. After reading the story i was horrified and totally disgusted to hear that Eugene ate 80% of Ronalds face off. Eugene ate his nose,eyes,cheeks,and mouth. In my point of view "bath salts" counldnt have done this. Eugene must have taken more then bath salts.
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