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TOPIC: Ross Capicchioni

Ross Capicchioni​s_c 28 Feb 2013 03:26 #1803

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Ross Capicchioni's story is undeniably gripping and shocking. The website that made this mini-documentary wanted to accurately tell this kid's story. It is quickly being shared over Facebook and is gathering lots of attention for obvious reasons. It brings up all the questions we as Americans have about the current state of our youth's culture. There is either something missing or being brought into these kids lives that makes them think they need to be part of a brutal gang. I would argue it is something missing; education.

Education is American is terribly underfunded and leaves kids with little incentive to stay in school. Our nation needs to stop spending billions on wars no one wants to be involved in and begin putting that money towards the betterment of education. The US is one of most poorly educated nations in relation to its wealth. The US is also the leader in gun deaths; the relaxed gun laws also allowed Ross to be shot in cold blood. Just like I said previously, our nation is heading down the wrong path unless something is changed soon. And our generation will soon be tasked with that change.
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