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TOPIC: About a VICE video that I watched in this week

About a VICE video that I watched in this week 28 Apr 2013 19:09 #2738

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In this week, I watch one interesting video about Korea. This film is about Korean fashion trends and how fashion related to plastic surgery in Korea. It also show some Korean culture which is totally different than other western counties. After I watched this video, I was pretty shocked even though I am Korean because this video contains lots of interesting information that I do not really recognize in Korea. Therefore, I really like watching this video and want to share this video to everyone.

This video contains both Korean views and western views about Korea fashion and plastic surgery because this video is made by VICE. the reporter in this video is from a western country, so this video shows western views. However, while she is interviewing some Koreans, those Koreans represent Korean perspectives. Because of this, I like this video because it is really fascinating, and it is well balanced between their views. Therefore, this video makes me think about the Korean society more critically.

While I am watching this video, I was so surprised by the video that contains lots of information about Korea such as shopping culture, K-pop, fashion and plastic surgery (etc.). Because the reporter interviews many Koreans, this video seems really informative to everyone. However, this video does not show everything about Korea. it has limited information about Korean society because it only shows about fashion and beauty. if this video contains more about Korea, people who want to learn more about Korea would like watch this video.

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