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TOPIC: youtube challenges

youtube challenges 05 May 2013 21:45 #2853

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About every week or every month or so I see a new "challenge" going around on youtube or something similar. People come up with these crazy challenges like the cinnamon challenge, baby food challenge, coke and mentos challenge, etc. They seem like harmless challenges that cause you to ingest something and see if you can swallow it, or how long you can hold it in your mouth for or whatever. It seems like people have become fascinated with these kinds of trends again. I think we need to steer clear of these weird challenges and go do something productive.

I don't know if these challenges are bad for you, but I don't think they're very productive. People are just doing them either because they don't have anything else to do or because everyone else is doing it. If it's not one thing it's another. We go from making pointless videos about planking then dancing (Harlem shake, gangnem style, etc.) to making videos about these challenges. If we're going to keep trending things, then it should be about something that brings awareness to something else (like kony did).

If these things that we were doing were productive than I wouldn't have any problem with it. I just don't really see a point to any to it. Every time I see some pointless trending nonsense I always think of a parent saying "..if all your friends were going to jump off a bridge are you going to jump too?" I'm not gonna lie though, I did like the flash mob trend that was going on a while back, I though that was cute. But seriously though, I just think that all of these challenges and trending videos should be bringing attention/awareness to a bigger issue. I just think that's more productive.
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