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TOPIC: Being Body Positive

Being Body Positive 12 Sep 2015 22:25 #7546

  • Paula G.
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The other day my friend had linked me to the recent viral video ‘Dear Fat People,’ which essentially is a video of a youtuber ranting about fat people. Though I do have mixed feelings about what the video as a whole, I do believe that what she had said on being body positive was completely off. She states "you really think if enough of you hashtag something that's bad for you, it makes it ok?" and "if you want to be positive to your body, work out, eat well. That's being body positive."

In my opinion the movement for being body positive is about allowing people to love and accept how they look. Having been the fat kid for most of my life the topic of weight and body image has always been tough for me. Essentially after years of being bullied and teased, it became ingrained into my mind that because I was overweight I didn’t deserve to like how I looked, or even be confident of who I was as a person. To me this mentality is what things like #bodypositive is trying to change, taking away the stigma that you have to look a certain way to love yourself. It is more tied to your mental health and letting people realize that their allowed to be ok with who they are.
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Being Body Positive 13 Sep 2015 11:45 #7555

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Paula, I agree with you 100%! I like you also feel that being body positive isn't shaming someone for what they look like. I am pretty sure that everyone knows what they need to work on in their own mind. Some just need more motivation then others. But I have to say that it is difficult for someone that has never struggled with their weight to understand that it isn't as easy as they might believe. For example, about 2yrs ago I was 5'4 and 124lbs. I worked out everyday, I ran about 6miles(yes, everyday), I lifted weights, ate well and overall maintained myself very active. At that point in my life I also couldn't understand why it was so difficult for people to loose weight. But that all changed when I got pregnant and the doctors told me to stop working out because they couldn't tell if my baby was in my uterus or fallopian tube. So I listened and thankfully everything turned out okay with my pregnancy but with that being said by the time I was allowed to work out I didn't feel up to it. I was tired all the time and all I wanted to do was sleep and well eat when I was hungry. Then came time for me to give birth and I realized that I had gained 72lbs! Yes, that's right 72lbs. So the once 124lbs women was now 196lbs, only 4shy of 200lbs. OH BOY was I depressed, so I buckled down and started to do what I used to. I started to work out and eat well and doing so in a course of a year I lost 40lbs. But something wasn't right, I didn't feel good, I felt bad, I was still very depressed. I was irritated that even though I was working out I wasn't loosing the weight as fast as I hope. So yes, it is difficult to see a video like that, because people assume that just because you are over weight(which I still am considered) that you are probably lazy, and over eat and don't workout and the truth is that isn't at all the case. Some people will have to workout maybe for years until they even see some type of result. Everyone's body is different. But I do have to say that I wasn't able to think the way I do by not walking in someone else's shoes. You can say that in my case It was all very real though.
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Being Body Positive 13 Sep 2015 16:51 #7565

  • melissa.s
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It is really unfortunate that there is so much vitriol against fat people. That the word "fat" is instantly considered a pejorative rather than merely a descriptor is frustrating. Sure, there can be health issues that come from being overweight. However, shaming and disrespecting people purely for their body type is reprehensible. This video seems to do more than just miss the point of "body positivity," it actively tries to undermine the entire basis of the concept. Actually, I'm not sure whether this is serious or some sort of satire. Just because you're fat doesn't mean that you're unhealthy, or that you aren't happy with the way you look, or that you eat too much. There are fat people who are happy with their weight and then there are fat people who genuinely want to lose weight. It's been shown in many studies that fat shaming does not work. In fact, fat shaming, even when disguised as "honest concern," tends to decrease self-esteem and increase weight.
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