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TOPIC: Dead Son Leaves a Note for Parents

Dead Son Leaves a Note for Parents 30 Sep 2015 12:01 #7850

  • emily.k
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Recently, I was scrolling through Buzzfeed reading interesting current event stories. I came across one about a couple's 6 year old son who had died from meningitis. They said how when they went back home from his burial, they saw a note from their son that said "I'm still with you. Thanks mom & dad.". The mother mentioned how she doesn't know when he wrote it, but it just shows how thoughtful and special he was. I've seen so many stories like these posted throughout the Internet, but this one kind of sparked my attention.

I saw a story about a baby who had two holes in her heart, and after being kissed by the Pope, the holes had disappeared. Stories like these are so moving and so touching, so obviously, people want to share them with everyone else. For me, I could never understand circumstances like these until it were to happen to me. Besides that, I see everyone else's comments and responses to these stories. Sometimes people start fundraisers for childhood cancer or people just continue to share the story so that it gets more attention and informs people.

This story kind of made something click in me where I realized how much people use social media as a way to spread awareness. Whether it's a fundraiser for cancer research or bringing attention to a video of an old person dancing, people use social media to communicate with others. I mean that kind of sounds obvious but it's interesting to see how much of a response some people can get and how much of a difference these posts and stories can make. I know for me, I've become more aware of illnesses and accidents and how become more grateful for my life and my health.
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Dead Son Leaves a Note for Parents 21 Oct 2015 17:53 #8170

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Reading this post you wrote, just moved me and shows the power of love in my opinion. I can't imagine what those parents went through losing a baby boy but that is so special how attached he was and how much he loved them that he wanted them to know he was still with them, maybe not physically but emotionally. The little girl with two holes in her heart, it took the parents to believe in the pope for that to happen and it shows the power of love and the faith they had in their church to believe his kiss could help their daughter.
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