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I MAILED HIM MY POOP!!! 01 May 2016 21:06 #9653

  • Elinor.S
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By reading my topic, is what I got you here. Did I really mailed him my poop? I got your attention now, huh?
This is pretty much how media could be working at times. Have you ever read a news topic or seen a headline on YouTube that brought your attention to continue to watch what the text or what the video was going to contain? And at the end, you come to realize that the headline or the topic actually were included, BUT, it wasn’t include in the way you thought it would be or what it literally said on the topic that stated what it was going to be about. As a mater of fact the topic had pretty much very little to do with the actual content. This is a tactics to gain more readers or viewers to the content. And it is done for different reasons. Maybe because a blogger wanted your attention so that you could give his/her blog a chance? Or it could be something else.
But it works! Right?

I mean, the topic I wrote is what brought you here, and as you already realized this has a little to do with me mailing a guy my poop. Just to make it clear, I have not mailed my poop to anyone, ever.

But people online/media are smart and knows how to get someones attention. My question is, is that wrong or right? Because I feel like that is done when someone feels like the content needs some kind of support? As I kind of needed now. If you feel like it is wrong, what would you type as a headline to this topic?
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I MAILED HIM MY POOP!!! 01 May 2016 21:35 #9659

  • janet.o
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HAHAHA. This is genius! I completely agree, and I think anyone who clicked in to the forum and took a glimpse on the topics was definitely interested in this as it really, I mean really, was an attention-getter. Countless times have I clicked on some stupid link, simply because it sounded SUPER INTERESTING or CRAZY or whatever, and realized that it's just a way to intrigue, exaggerate or just scam you into viewing the content. GREAT POST!!
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