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TOPIC: Media.

Media. 11 Sep 2016 20:51 #10162

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Coming from another country made me very interested and a keen observer of the American culture. I have been here for 5 years and something that constantly catches my attention is how drugs are viewed in America.
I personally come from a small country in South American in where drugs are not accepted openly.

I constantly see that different broadcast media promotes drugs. It is more and more usual to listen to songs that talk about how cool are drugs; the same happens with films and TV shows. I am a big Netflix junkie and I am currently watching nurse Jackie that is one of the many examples of that. It is a nurse who has a perfectly functional family and who is addicted to painkillers. Breaking bad is all about drugs, like pretty much all of them, even in some episodes of the big bang theory the guys are high.

Personally, I just feel like nowadays media is trying to convince us that drugs are okay, that is something “ normal” that people do. But the real question is what is normal? In the dictionary, it says: what is usual or typical. So, now what media is doing is that by bombarding us with drug information they are making us believe that to do drugs is normal. And that is affecting our society by creating a dependence of most of the citizens of America. Today I was trying to think if I knew someone who never tried or did any kind of drugs and the answer was no. All of my friends and my acquaintances have used drugs at least once in their life and more than half of them use drugs even if it is just socially. Where are the sober people ?
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