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TOPIC: Post-Fact Media - The truth doesn't matter as much

Post-Fact Media - The truth doesn't matter as much 27 Nov 2016 22:04 #11094

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We now live in a time where 60% of the US get their news from Facebook. Where lies can be spread faster than the truth. Later today I read a story from multiple newsource saying that CNN showed TRANSPORN and it was shared by 50k+ people with millions of views. Even though this news is fake everyone treated like it was true. I read the comment and people were saying how they were going to boycott CNN for letting this happen....even though it never happen.

That has made me realize that the truth doesn't really seem to matter as much anymore. People rather share stories that they think are interesting even though it had no reliable source. As long as fake information get spread enough then it might as well be the truth since that's what the community will believe.

I think this is such a big problem and I don't see how we can fix it. People just don't care to fact check anymore. A company's image can be destroy and lose millions of dollars. Not even company people's lives can be destroyed for no reason. Do you guys have any solution? What do you guys think about this new era of post-fact media.
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