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TOPIC: Invisibilia: the Secret of Thoughts

Invisibilia: the Secret of Thoughts 01 May 2015 23:24 #6906

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I recently listened to a podcast about "The Secret of Thoughts" while I was driving home. They described three perspectives therapists have on approaching your thoughts:
(1) They have meaning and are tied in some way to your past, etc.
(2) They don't have meaning and should be ignored (i.e. don't make them such a big deal)
(3) They have to be challenged instead of just being readily accepted as is

I thought it was interesting how the perspective your therapist adheres to will influence how he or she counsels you as you share about your various thoughts or issues. Although the podcast seemed to make an either/or decision, I wonder if all three can be adopted depending on the thought or circumstances. For some people, guilt or negative thoughts about someone or anger they feel towards someone may very well have meaning and tied to some unresolved conflict in the past. At the same time, other thoughts that make you depressed (e.g. "No one cares about you") can and should be ignored. Focusing on negative thoughts like that are more often than not unjustified and doesn't help anyone. One might argue that these thoughts can also be challenged as you consider various people who have made effort to reach out to you.

To say that it's either/or is too simplistic. The thoughts that we hold in our minds are complex and stem from various sources. Thoughts cannot be ignored and can have a huge impact in your life. It's not only good to be aware but to know how one should react/engage to one's thoughts. I'm sure no one is a master of their own thoughts, but it seems like it is a necessary "skill" to cultivate instead of being swayed one way or another by the ebb and flow of your thoughts!
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