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TOPIC: 9/11 video

9/11 video 11 Sep 2016 18:38 #10139

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Today is 9/11 and I was scrolling on twitter seeing what everyone was posting. There were many people trying to make pictures go viral and in my point of view that is not ok. You are taking advantage of a horrible time for many people and a day many people died for your own popularity. It is disturbing that while many people are mourning the loss of a family member people are commenting and asking them to help them make a picture go viral. Many times the picture is amazing but you shouldn't be spamming people that lost a loved one to share your picture.

I saw another post of a video that went viral years ago and I rematched it. It was a voice over on a slide show of a girl starting off young and her voice change though the years talking to her dad telling him how much he missed him and all her accomplishments and how he wishes she was there. That video went viral not because the spammed people to share it but because people watched and they were feeling what the video was trying to say. They felt the pain of the creator and I think those videos are the videos that should be going viral. Not someone who has no experience with what people are feeling but experience with a computer trying to make their pictures go viral and mean something to someone without having an original message.
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