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TOPIC: Youtubers on twitter

Youtubers on twitter 02 Oct 2016 13:38 #10414

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Jesse Wellens a well known youtuber got his phone stolen and the person that stole his phone got on his twitter, youtube, camera roll and all his personal stuff. The "hacker" called himself 'Max Headroom', i don't know much about Max Headroom all I know is that it made the situation creepy. Max went on his twitter and started tweeting really weird things trying to out Jesse as a self centered arrogant person. He talked about how Jesse censored words so they won’t come out on his youtube comments, he talked about him getting paid to do certain things and he went to far he leaked his nudes. Not full nudes but he cut of right where his private part started and called him a “thirsty f*ck”. That is all kinds of levels of disrespectful. He went to the extremes of leaking private pictures on his phone to twitter. Just because someone is in the spotlight because of hard work they put in themselves don’t mean they should be afraid to have their accounts hacked and their pictures posted for everyone to see. Towards the end he tweeted “ I made you relevant again” as if he got attention. The only attention he got were from drama channels, all of Jesse’s fans were reporting to twitter that his account was hacked so he wouldn’t have access to Jesse’s account but thankfully Jesse got his phone back two days after and so far no sign of the hacker.
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