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TOPIC: Clowns everywhere

Clowns everywhere 16 Oct 2016 21:05 #10602

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There's no doubt that each one of you have seen a clown video going around. Clearly all of these clowns are doing it as a sign of halloween coming. For some people it's funny, for other's it's creepy. Most of these clowns would be standing in the middle of the street staring into blank space and not moving. Some of the other clowns start suddenly charging towards you with a weapon. It is most definitely a prank but there are many rumors of clowns actually attacking people. I would highly doubt that, but if you ever saw a clown alone, would you ignore because it would be a prank or be precautions?
I actually witnessed one at the Malibu Market a couple of weeks ago. He was cruising in a really old BMW passing my friend and I slowly. It was funny cause well, we were in public. But I'm pretty sure if the setting was different I would've been a bit more creeped out.
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Clowns everywhere 16 Oct 2016 22:57 #10610

  • saim.k
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At first what was probably a prank has blown way out of proportion. A few highschools in my area were shutdown because of clown threats. I think it's insane how big it has become.
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