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TOPIC: Limitless

Limitless 17 Mar 2015 19:09 #6353

  • Melissa Suan
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Although the movie Limitless, staring Bradley Cooper came out awhile ago, the other day it caught my eye on Netflix and I decided to watch it. Not only was this movie an exceptional film with great acting, but the concept of the movie blew my mind.
In the movie, Bradley Cooper plays a character named Eddie who is a writer that is unorganized, unmotivated, and has too much of a writers block to meet the deadline of his book. Because of this his girlfriend leaves him due to her frustration and lack of hope for him. Then one day he sees his ex wife's brother, who gives him a non FDA approved drug which allows him to access 100 percent of his brain. The movie explores how Eddie is affected by the drug, and how this drug turns him into an absolutely brilliant human being.
Growing up you learn that humans only use 10 percent of their brains. However I had no idea how limited that 10 percent is opposed to if we use 100 percent. When Eddie took the drug, he suddenly could have instant access to everything he's ever seen, read, or heard, his whole life. Because of this, he possesses all the information needed to be excellent in the stock market, he then becomes rich and later succeeds in running for state senator.
I believe that it is not the drug that makes you brilliant, but it simply allows you to access what you already possess. If human beings can invent electricity, the phone, the television, can find cures to once incurable diseases on only using a mere 10 percent, imagine what humanity could do with 100 percent. We have no idea where that kind of access could take us, we only have predictions which is what is showed in the movie.
Its almost an in justice to ourselves to be given a fully developed brain and only use 10 percent of it. The human brain is so vast and mysterious to even the most elite neuroscientists. I hope one day we find a way to learn and train the brain so that we can have a greater access than we currently have. It would be amazing to see what we're capable of.
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Limitless 13 Mar 2016 17:48 #9142

  • Pavlin.P
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Hello Melissa,

I have seen Limitless probably over 5 times, and I would still watch it again when I have time. This is one of my favorite movies, but yet I was able to find some scenes or ideas quite disturbing. Somehow I was able to “catch” that the movie is suggesting “if you are struggling, or you are currently in a non-productive phase, why not risk everything and try medication that is yet on a clinical trial phase.” This is a little bit troubling for me, as I think that more people would be willing to try new drugs just to “gather access” to skill set that they presumably have through accepting medication, without calculating possible risks.
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Limitless 13 Mar 2016 20:55 #9147

  • brianna.m
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Limitless is such a cool movie! I was so excited to see this post because Limitless is one of those movies that makes you wonder about the hidden potential of the human brain. While the scope of the movie was largely played up and exaggerated to entice a big audience to entertain, it's fact that humans only use up to 10% of their brain. In the movie, Eddie experiences incredible success in first taking the drug, however we see the long term effects it had on him. It really destroyed his health and corrupted some of his relationships with those he had to reveal the drug to. Although those aspects reach resolution in the film, I imagine that there are numerous concerns health-wise associated with theoretically taking a drug to use 100% of your brain. One has to wonder- is it intended for the human race to only use this much, or is it up to evolution and years of progress to adapt and use the full functionality of their brain? I suppose we may never know.
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