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TOPIC: Zootopia

Zootopia 18 Mar 2016 19:53 #9198

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I watched a movie 'Zoopotia'. The story details the partnership between a rabbit(Judy) and a fox(Nick). The Zootopia is compound word with zoo and Utopia. In the zootopia, all animals are like a people. They wear clothes, and the food chain is disappear. However, there is very strong stereotype; it is that they only act according to the appearance. For example, the rabbits have to have farming, and the huge predators prepare to work in police office.

When Judy (a rabbit) wants to be a police officer, many people laugh at her even her parents do not want her to be police because it is not the rabbits life. After she passed test for police officer, her colleagues ignore her. she suffers a lot of hardship, but she never give up, so she finally scores a great success. At the this time, she makes a real equal relationship with animal and nobody thinks the small animal cannot be good as predators in the zoopotia. The choice of profession is fair to everyone.

Nick is a red fox. As animals think that a rabbits are weak, animals think foxes are liars. So they do not believe foxes, but Judy makes it to change also. Nick helps and give information to Judy. Judy is one animal who believe Nick. Nick finally overcomes trauma, and then he is going to be partner policer. The movie address problem of relationship and discrimination in animal's world. The movie also teach that we can be anything.
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Zootopia 27 Mar 2016 16:51 #9308

  • Luz.G
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I just watched that movie yesterday. It was a very good movie, with a good message. It is about stereotypes and how to overcome them. The stereotype is that being a police officer is no job for a bunny. No one has faith in her and even her parents do not want her to be a cop. She struggles at the beginning but with work and dedication, she manages to pass the police academy. She is not taken seriously at the beginning of her job because she is being pre-judged. Judy the rabbit manages to solve cases of missing animals. It just goes to show you that do not judge by what you think you know.
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