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TOPIC: Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful 31 Mar 2016 21:24 #9372

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Before I say any other thoughts, I would like to tell you guys to watch this video!! It is touching, funny and at the same time, sad. It is about a Jewish man who got married to a beautiful woman who isn't Jewish and gets a son and experiences a horrible event. It is when there was a WWII and he got arrested and sent to a prison to work for Germans. But when he was being taken, his son went with him and he desperately tried to hide him from German soldiers because he witnesses kids who were taken got executed by gas. He uses his imagination, creativity and humor not to surprise his son but makes him think all the acts are just part of a play he used to have with his son. For a long period of time, he managed to hide him. He even handled to bring the kid into a group German kids have him dinner with them without other soldiers noticing. His desperate acts continues until another battle takes place in the near area where he and his son are kept captive. When there seems to have a hope of returning to his house safely with his son and his wife, he gets shot by a soldier who was on his way to flee from the battle. His son, not knowing the death of his father, stands on an alley surprised looking at a tank coming into his way because that was what his father promised him to get if he manages to hide from soldiers in a 'play' until it is over. In the end, the boy meets his mother on his way back home and the movie ends with rhythmical song.
In this movie, racism is shown directly as well as sexism. When prisoners are kept away, men and women are separated from each other and go through different experience and treatment. Also even kids get separated from adults and just get executed. Racism is demonstrated by taking Jewish people prisoners because of the fact they are different. They got treated horribly and were used for experiments that cannot be easily said.
The whole movie gave me feelings of respect to the father and sadness when I was watching him doing everything he can to protect his beloved son.
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