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TOPIC: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry 03 Apr 2016 16:54 #9396

  • Dylan.S
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Coning out next week is a film called Hardcore Henry. This film is special to me because it is made my a man named Ilya Naishuller, who is the director of a series of music videos for a band called Biting Elbows. His style of filmmaking is of a first person world. We see the film through the eyes of the main character rather than the normal third person norm.

I thought the music videos for the songs "Stampede" and "Bad Motherfucker" are absolutely fantastic! The first person style fits well for the adrenaline pumping music, and action packed visuals. Although I have been a fan of this style, I am curious to see how this will play out when made into the feature length film it is now. To my knowledge, this style of film has never been made in entirety. I wonder how the audience will respond to almost being stuck in the eyes of the main character.

This being said, I am excited to live through this experience. With a good cast, and a fantastic director behind it, I feel this project will have enough of a backing to be revolutionary. I don't think the film style could necessarily launch into a primary mainstream format, but it may introduce other opportunities for first person stories to be told.

How do you think this film will fare? Is the footage shown in the trailer enough to captivate you for the full run of a feature?

Here is a link to the trailer.
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Hardcore Henry 08 Apr 2016 22:29 #9460

  • Kyle.L
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Overall the idea of the movie is actually really interesting as being in first person is something if done right can actually be really entertaining or it can fail. The film is interesting but I can also see people not wanting to see this movie because of the perspective that it is in. This movie's idea is good but people that get motion sickness will not enjoy the movie as it is from the first person perspective. The footage from the trailer isn't enough to get me to see the film as the only thing that is carrying this film is its first person perspective.
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