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TOPIC: The United States is "Zootopia" (Spoiler)

The United States is "Zootopia" (Spoiler) 24 Apr 2016 22:16 #9582

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“Zootopia” is a movie that reflects and exposes current societal situations in the United States. Modern day issues of race, gender, and the government’s abuse of power are revealed through this animated story. Different animal species are used as a representation of different races and the government corruption in the animal city of Zootopia is meant to bring to light the hidden personal agendas of our government officials.

The animal species in the film are stereotyped and are discriminated against because of what species they are. For example, the “sly fox” is refused service at an elephant ice-cream shop and is scoffed at for thinking anyone could trust him as a police officer. He mentioned that there is no use in trying to be anything different than what you are stereotypically labeled as. This is because even if you try your best, you will still never amount to more than what people’s preconceived notions are of you. Once low expectations are set by the majority of people, there is no sense in trying to exceed them because systematic structures make certain that as little minorities as possible can reach public success.

The government corruption that was shown in the movie highlighted how the people who hold official positions in real life make choices that benefit themselves over choices that benefit the community. The mayor in the movie hid that he knew where all of the missing animals were, only because it would have hurt him if the public knew the truth about what was happening. People who hold official positions in government would do the same thing in order to save face and remain in office. The truth that was told in the movie was a mirror of current-day society. A quote from the movie explained a way to fix all of the wrong that is happening: “The more we try to understand each other, the more exceptional we will be. Change starts with you.”
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