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TOPIC: American History x

American History x 06 Nov 2016 21:29 #10849

  • Joseph.Y
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This weekend, I watched a movie that had a lot to do with our class: gender and race. In the film, there's this character, Derek, who has faced the loss of his father and he claims that his death was race related. The death of his father was a catalyst because there's this dinner scene where Derek learns that affirmative action is unfair and that people get jobs just because of their skin color. His father uses the argument that people who are less qualified are covering his back. The environment and the people we are surrounded by really do influence how we think about the world. Eventually, his father dying by a "race related" incident has caused him to become very angry which lead him to joining a group of skin heads that hurt minority groups.

In the movie, Derek eventually ended up killing two black people. They were trying to rob his car and that really made him angry. If his brother Daniel had testified against him, then it would have been life. Regardless, he still went to jail and that's where he saw how his perspective does not match how the real world works. Indeed, the jail is segregated by racial groups, but his own group did not believe in any of the thing that consumed his anger. So, he rebelled against his group because he was tired of his group taking orders from the minority groups. He was used to be the one taking charge of the minority groups and not the other way around. So, his own group raped him.

After being prison raped, Derek became remorseful and he did not want his own little brother, Daniel, to end up in the same place he is in. He realized that prison time is not worth it. Furthermore, he also realized that he had lead his other family members to suffer as well. They used to live in a relatively huge house, but due to financial struggles with no one able to help, they ended up in a very cramped space. As a family of five, they only have two rooms. Anyway, Derek has so much influence and control much of his family's fate. So, as he was released from prison, Derek changed his ways and avoided any racist actions. However, Derek and Daniel's old enemies found out how weak their group became because of how Derek wanted out. So, they came after Daniel and killed him. It's a tragic ending, but it ends with "life's too short to be pissed of all time, it's just not worth it"
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American History x 12 Nov 2016 22:38 #10902

  • Jiajun.l
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I like the movie. Although America have a short history. But the country is created by native people. And then, the country how to become a strong country. I like American history. And then, I am interesting American history. And then, the movie express the history how to development of America. So that I want to learn more and more detail. The movie show lots of detail that I learn it. Because of the movie, I learn lots of detail, and because I learn history class so I like it.
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