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TOPIC: Whiplash

Whiplash 13 Nov 2016 21:49 #10931

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this week i watched the movie called Whiplash. the movie is about andrew, an intelligent drummer, becoming successful at the end. the path of his success is long. to simply tell the story, andrew's instructor stimulates andrew in a negative way. as always, andrew works and tries harder after he has been disciplined. however, since terence, the instructor, is too strict, andrew has thought of giving up for many times. yet, at the end he finds his only way to present himself and makes everyone follow his rhythm. he successfully his last musical performance.
in this movie, the instructor is so mean that almost all of his students give up, but andrew does not. this tells us persistence is important for success. however, the fact that very few students can bear terence reflects that being too mean is what a teacher should not do. as a result, terence has also lost his job because of his meanness. lets imagine if andrew does not bear terence, and no one becomes successful. terence is worthless because of his personalities. he has treated students so bad to stimulate them.
therefore, before anyone reaches the success, everything terence has done might have been wrong because he has been too mean. however, as soon as one of his student becomes successful, his teaching method will be thought as the way to reach success, and stimulating students negatively will be recommended. yet, what is right or wrong?
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