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TOPIC: money monster

money monster 24 Nov 2016 22:24 #11041

  • zixuan.l
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this week, i watched the movie called money monster. this movie is about stock issues. a guy bought stocks from a company which was recommended by lee gates, the main character, through a tv show. however, the price of the stocks dramaticaly decreased after that. then, the guy hijacked lee gates to make him explain why to recommend this stock and apologize to the audience. because lee gates was only analyzing the stock and make recommendations and he did not control the stock, they found the boss of the company. after seeing the boss, the guy knew that the company made the stock price go down on purpose, and they wanted to buy back at a low price. after knowing all the truth, the guy chose to be shot by the police.
many people try to earn from stocks. they hope to buy at a low price and sell at a high price. however, the total money itself will not increase. if some people earn money from stocks, the other lose. the big company or some large stockholders can greatly affect the stock price. the fact is that, they usually make the stock price go whatever they want. therefore, they always earn money from normal people, and normal people always lose in total. some of them may earn, but the majority of them have to lose.
we have to think of the constant amount of total money when it comes to stocks and many other issues. in most cases, we receive revenue because of others' loss.
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money monster 27 Nov 2016 16:16 #11071

  • Jiajun.l
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I agree with your statement. Because the movie is very true for world. Every one wants to make lots of money. They become a salary of money. So they always lose their way. And they never seek their dream. So money is a good and bad thing. So we need to learn how to control it. We make money that we want to make our life better. So we shouldn’t lose our dream and life. We need to seek our way. So our life would be better, and have value.
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