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TOPIC: Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beasts 27 Nov 2016 19:31 #11080

  • Anthony.O
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Being a Harry Potter fan for as long as I remember I couldn't pass up a chance on a movie that is in the same world as it. I didnt even know what the movie was really going to be about, at first I was sceptical about the whole movies because I hate when movie makers try to make a sequel on movies that dont need them ( i know it has 6 parts but thats the whole story not something people wanted to add on after it).

The whole idea about having wizards in america was pretty cool, we got to see how the wizardery council was ran, it ran much like our government. A democracy with a woman has its leader, then they had detectives and police for the wizards. I feel like there could be more movies like this for the world of harry potter. I would enjoy them and watch every single one of them.

I feel as if the movie had a much deeper meaning to it. The monster that the police were looking for was something that is created when a wizard trys to hide who they are. They are afraid of humans and what they can do to them because they are different then them. In the end we see that it was someone that no one expected and we understand why it was that person. We see that they hide who they were from the person who raised them and hated themselves for it then they tried to be accepted by their own people but they got rejected as well. This must have been heart breaking to the character.
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Fantastic Beasts 27 Nov 2016 21:10 #11091

  • monica.f
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I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and cannot wait to see this movie. I love how the wizarding world has been expanded to the United States. JK Rowling's imagination and gift for writing is phenomenal. You truly feel that you are in that world when reading her books or watching her movies.
There are always deep lessons and controversial characters and plot lines in all Harry Potter books which I think is excellent- Dumbledore gay, for one example. I like when Rowling goes deep- she connects magic to the reality of our deepest darkness and hope.
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