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TOPIC: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War 01 Dec 2016 23:28 #11129

  • zixuan.l
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this week i watched the movie Captain America: Civil War. this movie is mainly about the split of Marvel's The Avengers if you have watched the first and second episode. if you do not, just a group of people with special ability power split into two group because of the different beliefs. captain america does not think he should listen to the government because they have special abilities to save the world and they are not evil. they should not follow what the government tells but to do what they are supposed to do. the iron man does not think this is a good idea, so they argue and split.
in this movie, they hold different positions but they have their own point of view. they have got reasonable thoughts to do what they think is correct. therefore, there is no right or wrong for both of them. sometimes, in real life, it happens. you will find different results when you see things in different positions. do not tell whether it is right or wrong, because the standards are different depending on people.
sometimes, a thought is wrong because most people think it is wrong. most of the time, people see things based on the number of supporters.
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Captain America: Civil War 03 Dec 2016 16:30 #11141

  • Jiajun.l
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I agree with your statement, you write lots of information and detail of the movie. And then, I think that a country was rich, but without technique. So the country will wait for other country to destroy. So I think you write the plot, you need to write lots of your personal statement. So I think your essay will be better. And then, I think that movie need to evaluate, so the movie would be interesting. You write essay can attract more and more people to watch the movie. That is mind.
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