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TOPIC: The Future of Music is a Love Story?

The Future of Music is a Love Story? 06 Mar 2016 12:44 #9030

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I came across an article this week in Wall Street Journal titled “For Taylor Swift, the Future of Music is a Love Story” and written by Taylor Swift herself. Swift wrote a fearlessly positive response to the future of the music industry. In my opinion, her view is simply too naïve. She mentioned, “The wild, unpredictable fun in making music today is that anything goes.” I disagree with such a statement. Artistes are forced into the direction of mainstream and conventional if they want to attain commercial success. Just like how Swift happened to appeal to young teenage girls and thus, have such a strong fan base. Therefore, it is easy for her to make such a passing remark of “anything goes” when For the most part, what’s topping the charts today has been pop music, dance music, R&B, or ballads. Jazz, blues, classical and metal music, are all avoided from being played on the radio.

This brings me to my central point, and that is the music industry will soon be confined to limited genres and will not promote diversity. Artistes will be restricted to what have previously been commercially successful because that would be what the recording label would want. What gets me interested in an artist and their music is purely about the diversity of songs, originality and the artiste’s voice. Therefore, an artiste like Swift does not appeal to me as all her songs sound the same, and I can barely tell them apart!

Swift has chosen to take down her music from all streaming websites as she claims that it is devaluing music. I do believe that music sales will continue to tank, especially with applications that are becoming increasingly popular like “Beats,” “Spotify,” and “Pandora,” music is made more affordable with many excellent features like being able to create your playlist and listening offline. However, this helps eliminate the prevalence of piracy and start legitimizing downloads. Artistes will also be able to reduce their cost of putting out physical albums and digitalizing everything. Instead of villainizing the streaming, I see it as a viable future for the music industry.
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