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TOPIC: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 26 May 2014 03:29 #5088

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How remarkable was this movie out of this Spider-Man series?!? I'll tell you; VERY. What made it so astonishing was how the director decided to follow through with the ending. It was portrayed the same way in the comic book series, but like every comic or book ever read, there are, and will always be distinct differences between the two. ((SPOILER ALERT!!!)) Gwen Stacy was such a sweet and beautiful character, so I was saddened by the fact that she died a terrible death. A tear jerked in my eye. And then another tear... until soon enough I found myself balling!! ... no, not really, haha. But I did sob. Andrew Garfield is extremely cool and handsome but in a nerdy way, so he was completely fit for the part.

In comparison to the last Spider-Man franchise with Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst, The Amazing Spider-Man is more for the younger audience. I found the younger generation talking about it more so than any other generation. But I'm sure that has to do with the actors looking young and meeting each other in high school. In the second movie they are in college, but they already captured the younger audience's attention.

Everything about it was cool :). I liked all the details. I felt like i could relate to the characters... well most of them, haha. Some parts really hit home and I'm not sure why because I hadn't gone through anything similar. All in all I enjoyed this movie so much I give it a 9/10 stars
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