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TOPIC: The Greatest - a tribute to the Orlando Massacre

The Greatest - a tribute to the Orlando Massacre 16 Sep 2016 11:24 #10201

  • jiayue.s
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This is a new single of the famous Australian singer Sia - the Greatest. It is a tribute to the Orlando massacre happened in June where 49 perished because of the abominable hate crime committed by a Muslim extremist, who deprived other people their right of life in the name of religion and personal belief against homosexuality. In the beginning of the video, one can see 49 bodies stacked together in a dark and desolate background, which makes reference to the deceased in the massacre. The protagonist - the little girl cried tears which is of rainbow color, a symbol of LGBT.

This video is very touching and poignant as it reminds me of the abhorrent and saddening tragedy committed. Actually, media plays a very important role in educating the people regarding a certain social issue, such as the rights of LGBT. It can also serve the opposite purpose, for instance, propagandas can be used by homophobic regimes to scandalize and tarnish the image of the LGBT community and to foment hatred towards them, as in Russia.

Censorship of the media is also a very common phenomenon in many countries. Many countries nowadays still censor materials related to the LGBT community for the sake of "preventing people from being indoctrinated by these materials". The global media should play a more active role in promoting human rights and equality. We are all the greatest as suggested in the song.
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The Greatest - a tribute to the Orlando Massacre 18 Sep 2016 13:56 #10229

  • tiffany.g
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Hi Jiayue, thanks for posting the video; this is my first time watching it and it's awesome that an artist like Sia brought awareness to this tragedy. I agree that this type of media is important for showing support for these victims of a hate crime. I think it's important for anyone with a platform (and even fan base) to show support for minority communities like LGBTQ. Sia reminded us that these were simply innocent lives lost with her uncensored clip of the dead bodies. Censorship does affect how this community is viewed, and unfortunately it's negatively viewed, but I agree media needs to take an active role in promoting their rights and true facts about them.
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