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TOPIC: The Birds by the weeknd

The Birds by the weeknd 01 Oct 2016 12:45 #10394

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This is an old song by the popular African-American singer the weeknd. This song is chosen to discussed because its lyrics involve some controversial racial topics that we have been talking about in week 5. In the lyrics, the word "nigga" is used repetitively for a lot of times such as "want some more nigga" and 'Cause they know a nigga keep ten rifles And they know a nigga keep ten snipers".

Arguably, as a singer, it is not advisable to promote the use of such pejorative word that has been used by racists against the african Americans. However, as it is used by a black singer, few criticisms have been received as people may think that it is justified and that he does not have the intention to promote racial discrimination. Instead, it is an ironic use of the n-word to reflect the racial prejudice existing in the U.S. and prompt people to reflect upon it.

Particularly, in the lyrics 'Cause they know a nigga keep ten rifles And they know a nigga keep ten snipers", it directly pinpoints the situation of the african american people being stereotyped and generalized as criminals and violent people who possess a lot of arms and who are very aggressive. This song, in my view, is a satirical protestation against the prejudice and discrimination in the United States. When non African-Americans hear this song, they may undergo a process of introspection to ponder upon their behaviors and the situation encountered by the African American.
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