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TOPIC: U.S Support to Legalize Pot

U.S Support to Legalize Pot 20 Oct 2016 20:32 #10656

  • gladys.h
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After reading an article about the legalization of pot; it made me realize how this subject is changing through time. It said that there has been an increase on legalizing marijuana. It said that now 60% of the U.S. supports the legalization. The article provided a chart in which it showed the different political parties and there opinion towards the subject. Based on this article it showed that in 2016 70% of Independents supported legalization, meanwhile, Democrats had a 67%, and Republicans 42%.

As time goes by, this number keeps on increasing, and I would say this happens because of newer generations. Newer generations have different perspectives towards this subject. I would say that people are not that old fashion as they used to be. There are different arguments of why marijuana should be legalized, but in the end we are all entitled to our own opinions towards the subject. It also said that there is a higher percentage of people who agree that are in between the ages of 18-34. There are 4 states in which marijuana is legal and they are Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, and the District of Columbia.

I was also reading that in 5 states, they want to take the initiative to regulate the taxation for consumers that use marijuana for recreational use. If it passes, people can pay as much as 5% up to 25%. Federally, marijuana is illegal because it is classified as a scheduled 1 drug, but like we know, each states can make their own laws. Overall, people will always change their opinion towards the legalization of marijuana due to the fact that alcohol and tobacco is legal, yet both substances are toxic to our health. In the end, they should just make it legal and let it taxed just like they do to alcohol and tobacco. In the end, people will continue on consuming substances that are toxic to their health, whether they are legal or illegal.
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U.S Support to Legalize Pot 23 Oct 2016 18:41 #10682

  • jiayue.s
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Actually, if we adopt a human right analysis, there is no justification for us to prohibit the consumption of mairjuana, on the basis that substances more harmful than marijuana are legalized at the mean time, like cigarettes. This point is corroborated by many scientific studies. On what basis can we confer the government a power to make such an arbitrary distinction between these harmful substances? Of course, hard drugs are outlawed for obvious reasons of protecting the health of the public given their immense detrimental harm to the people. However, marijuana does not have the same effects.
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