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VOTING HAPPENING TODAY 08 Nov 2016 14:25 #10867

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Today is going to be a very historic day for the United States. As we see who wins today's election and who becomes our next president. In my case i believe we don't really have such a great choice on who we should choose for president. Yet every vote counts and I would prefer Hillary Clinton to win tonight than Donald Trump, but again that is my decision and my thinking at the end of the day.

Voting is very important because that is the only way we get our voices heard. We live in a country where we have freedom of speech and our voice/ vote matters so much. So don't let this go to waste and rather then sit in your house and say I rather not vote is a big mistake you shouldn't take. Get up and vote for who you believe will be a great president for us in the 21st century. When we vote we vote for what we believe is better for us when it comes to school, health and security. Voting falls into that and many other stuff that is why it's so important to vote.

If you haven't voted I encourage you to go out and VOTE. You still have time to vote and save America! America shouldn't go down the drain because one person just wants to ruin it. I do believe we don't have such a great choice but in all honest opinion I rather want Hillary to win instead of Trump. I believe that trump is a person so ignorant and is also sick from his head because of all the foolish things he's said and done.
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