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TOPIC: Trump

Trump 29 May 2016 23:59 #9999

  • yuweizhang
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Why everyone in the internet is blaming Trump but he gets the highest popularity in presidential election. Can someone knows why this situation happened? Moreover, we cannot affect this presidential election. I think that most of the people that use internet is young people and they are free and care about character. Other people pay more attention on their self-interest. Trump promise that we could make this country becoming more richer then every. We all know that in last financial crisis Americans life quality are lower than before. Americans should find a new president to build everything up again.
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Trump 04 Jun 2016 13:45 #10026

  • Sarah.H
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Its not only about making America a richer country, people aren't only focusing on that and that reason will never be enough for someone to become the president of the United States. Trump in my opinion is an absolute joke and all these people that are voting for him are just stupid and they all falling to his lies and disgusting actions. I honestly believe that most people are voting for him only because of his character and the way he represents himself. He comes out to the people as a strong man that knows what he wants to do and who has everything set, but trust me its all now to get the votes and later on half if not all of the things he said to happen will never happen. People need to look at the bigger picture and see that he is not fit to even come close to becoming a president.
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