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TOPIC: Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders 05 Jun 2016 22:55 #10064

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There is a lot of news out about Bernie Sanders possibly coming from behind and winning the California primary and don't it that maybe still having a chance to win the Democratic nomination. It is so hard to know who to trust in this election. I am very turned off by the extreme hatred of Hilary by Bernier supporters. Most of the super diligent ones I have come across were white youngish men. I find that interesting of a supposedly revolutionary candidate. I found dead a site called It was refreshing to feel like I was finally getting a some unbiased information. Almost all of the things Donald Trump has said was found to be mostly untrue or blatant lies, that stood out but was not all that surprising. Bernie Sanders seemed mostly honest but had some lies when it came to research around his ideas. Especially around his $15 an hour mandate, which looks like it could actually have really negative effects on the economy. I am confused as to who to trust but just know who I can't trust.
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Bernie Sanders 07 Sep 2016 14:39 #10082

  • cecilia.s
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I was really rooting for Bernie Sanders because i couldn't trust Hilary as our president, and Trump is not fit to be president. I was sad when i heard the bernie stood no chance to win. In my opinion he was also the most honest and experienced. I loved reading about his past, and how much he has fought in order to give people a voice. He seemed to know what was right from wrong, and tried to fight against the injustice.

This year i was very disappointed with who has run for president. Personally I see this whole thing as a joke now. If i would have to choose between Hilary and Trump i would choose Hilary, but i feel like it's only because we have no other choice. I feel as if they are pushing us to vote for her. I wish we had more candidates to choose from.
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