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TOPIC: Colin Kaepernick Secret Muslim?

Colin Kaepernick Secret Muslim? 11 Sep 2016 18:14 #10136

  • madison.s
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The Young Turks is one of my favorite YouTube channels. It is a liberal, progressive political commentary channel that addresses a variety of subjects from politics to world news. While browsing through videos, I came across one titled, "Colin Kaepernick Secret Muslim?" As the channel often responds to content made by conservative media, I immediately knew that the hosts were going to respond to an allegation made by conservative media and/or individuals.

In this video, Fox News alleged that Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback recently converted to Islam. The conservative media outlet alluded to the fact that because he recently converted and his girlfriend is a Muslim (only one of which were true) it must be the reason why he refused to stand for the National Anthem. They assume that him converting to Islam is the only reason he did not stand during the Anthem rather than because he simply disagrees with how the US is treating people of color and is showing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The video by The Young Turks in response to Fox News criticized their ignorant comments. They pointed out that the conservative media would rather portray Kaepernick as this villain and point out that he is not only an African American but also Muslim to make themselves feel better about the fact that there is a huge issue with discrimination against certain races and minorities.

While their whole commentary is spot on, in my opinion, what intrigued me most was how much of a statement Kaepernick was making and how the media is quick to attack someone for standing up for something they disagree with rather than critically think about why he would make this statement. While it is easy to instantly roll our eyes when someone points out discrimination or injustice, it is important for growth and acceptance to check our privilege and see if it from their point of view. I think that even if we disagree with Kaepernick's right to freedom of speech, we should understand not only why he would make such a statement, but also why we are so upset with his action. I can see why people are upset because the National Anthem is associated with our veterans and those who have died for our freedom, but I actually admire that he was sticking up for African Americans because they don't get the same liberties and justice that white people do. It's a powerful message and rather than vilify him, we should think about his intentions.
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Colin Kaepernick Secret Muslim? 18 Sep 2016 19:38 #10254

  • Alexandria.T
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You make some great points about conservative media making Kaepernick an American villain, and ISIS sympathizer. I also agree that instead of judging Kaepernick, others should take a second to understand, Why? Kaepernick was brave in taking such a stance because he could have lost sponsorships, been heavily fined, and threats made on his life. Yet he decided to take a knee despite these potential outcomes. While the flag has many meanings, and stands for many American triumphs, I do want to point out that many of our nation's veterans are mistreated by the American government after serving our country. For instance, veterans may not have any ability to obtain a job after serving, be treated properly for PTSD, so they do not commit suicide (high incidence of this among veterans), and there are still issues of sexual assault happening on bases that are pushed aside and largely ignored. America is not perfect, and Kaepernick is making an observation that America has room to grow and improve, which is not a bad thing. Thinking about it on a smaller scale, people often reflect on themselves and pursue self-enrichment to become a better version of themselves and business often survey themselves to see where they may have shortcomings i.e. diversity, customer relations, and paying employees a living wage. We live in America, where we have the freedom to protest whatever injustice we see, and that does not stop short of the country itself. We are not North Korea, America can always do better, and asking for police reform is not a huge request.Black Americans no longer what to be killed unjustly in the streets because of personal biases, and I believe others should try to empathize with the victims of police violence.
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