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TOPIC: Netflix Mitt Romney Documentary

Netflix Mitt Romney Documentary 11 Sep 2016 21:51 #10173

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During this week, I watched the Netflix documentary that came out entitled Mitt which is about Mitt Romney's two political campaigns, one during the primaries for the 2008 election, and one for the 2012 presidential elections. This documentary had really piqued my interest because I had always been an avid supporter of Obama and was very fascinated to learn about Romney and his background because I did not take much time in getting to know him. The documentary was a behind the scenes look at his election process starting with sitting with his family in their living room and ending in his concession to Obama in 2012. It gave me an up close look of how Romney, his family, and his staff would prepare for debates; his general deminer behind the scens, and his reactions to certain moments on the campaign trail.

I began this documentary, with an outlook of Mitt Romney, that he was just another Republican who stood out because of his religious beliefs as a Mormon. I didn't really even get to know his personality or what his views are. The documentary wasn't even about his political views, but got to see what he was like right before pressuring moments. What I learned is, that Mitt Romney has a funny sense of humor, strong loyalty to his family, and drive to help the country in his own ways. He would be laughing with his family right before making his concession speaking and joking over peanuts over huge debates. Mitt Romney has strong love to his family, and seemed very interested in just helping the country.

Watching this documentary made me realize how quickly I can be to judge presidential candidates just based on their party affliate. I think sometimes I even overlook the qualities the other party candidates may possess. I absolutely did so with Mitt Romney. The documentary should me the side of him that you would never see on normal TV during debates. How he cares for his wife, how he cares for his family, and how he does genuinely care about his country, are all emphasized. I think that I learned that i should thinking before passing judgement right away.
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