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TOPIC: Donald Trump AGAIN!!

Donald Trump AGAIN!! 23 Sep 2016 23:23 #10305

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If you don’t know who Donald Trump is you must be living under a rock.

This week as I was trying to decide what to post about I thought about what I came across on the media and the only thing (heh heh thing) I could think about was Donald Trump. I really didn’t want to write about him but here it goes.

I do not hate Donald Trump. I cannot stand him though. Every time we turn on our TV, radio or log on to social media sites you see or hear something about Donald Trump. Even on my favorite show Chelsea on Netflix all she ever talks about is how he’s an idiot and how much she dislikes him. She is always bashing him and making pretty hilarious jokes about him.

A few weeks ago heard that he was accused of having such poor health that he would not be healthy enough to be our president. Some loony Doctor then released a letter saying he is perfectly healthy .Last week they showed a clip of Hillary Clinton fainting at the 9/11 memorial, so now they are saying she is the one who is not healthy enough for the job. At least Hillary seems to know her politics and knows what she is talking about.

Last month an artist made a statue of a naked Donald Trump with no testicles. It was a pretty horrifying sight but also hilarious. I actually think this was not a very nice move because he was being body shamed which I disagree with.

At the end of August the big news was that Mexican President (another idiot but that’s a whole other story) Enrique Pena Nieto had invited Trump to Mexico and they sat and talked about the wall and how much he supposedly loves Mexicans.

I also heard that he would not release his tax return. People speculate that it is because he doesn’t pay any federal taxes. A few years ago his tax return was released and he had paid zero dollars. It is said that Trump has previously said he avoids paying taxes because he does not like throwing money away. No one likes to pay taxes but we all do, so is this the kind of President you want America? All he ever says is that he is going to build a wall; I thought we already had a wall. If you ask me Trump is just a liar, a bully, a sexist and an idiot.

I can’t talk about Trump anymore so that is it for now.
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