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TOPIC: Donald Trump Sexual Harassment

Donald Trump Sexual Harassment 09 Oct 2016 22:05 #10519

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When watching the second presidential debate, Anderson Cooper questioned Donald Trump regarding the recent release of audio in which he makes comments about touching and kissing women inappropriately along with other sexually harassing comments. When asked to comment on it, Trump claimed to be regretful and apologetic yet he claims they were "just words" and "just locker room banter." Additionally, he changes the subject to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. He brought up Bill Clinton’s sexual past and Hillary Clinton representing a rapist in her career. Rather than owning up to his actions and words, he changes the subject and deflects, which is a common theme in this election. In my opinion, I do not think he is truly apologetic. This is not the first time he has been accused to sexual harassment, nor is it the first time he has made inappropriate comments towards and about women. What is disturbing is that he was brushing the situation under the rug as if what he said wasn’t disturbing or creepy or just wrong. He has a history of sexist comments and for others to ignore the comment or not understand how wrong it is, is unbelievable. After every scandal, Trump does not get the backlash he deserves from his supporters or the Republican Party or other conservatives.

The crude comments Trump made genuinely make me question how he is still running for president and not disqualified. Hillary Clinton gets horrible backlash from Trump regarding her husband’s infidelity and sexual past while Trump does not experience the same sexism regarding his multiple divorces and disturbing comments towards women. There is a double standard in society and especially in this election. As a result of the tape being released, Billy Bush, the man having the conversation with Trump was suspended from his job as a television host on The Today Show. I think it is really interesting that Billy Bush, while guilty of allowing this type of conversation to occur, the man who made those comments and touched women inappropriately is allowed to run for president. I’m curious to see how this will affect Trump’s campaign in the next month, if at all.
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