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TOPIC: Russian Parmesan

Russian Parmesan 12 Oct 2016 18:35 #10536

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Today I read an article on a Russian man who followed his dreams of becoming a cheese maker. This however, would not have been possible without the ban Vladimir Putin put on imports in 2014. Before 2014 Russia was relying on Europe for things like cheese. Since the ban citizens have had to find there own way of making the things they had once imported. This left opportunity for those interested in thing like the cheese business. Oleg Sirota, the man who has opened his own cheese shop, dropped everything when this opportunity showed itself. He said before he would've gone bankrupt if he had try to do this, since everyone was getting their cheese else where, but because of the import ban he now has a chance.
In the article Sirota also mentions that the cheese business is a bit like the Olympics. It's a big competition and "everyone's doping." By this Sirota meant that these days people are using palm oil in substitute of other ingredients in cheese. Palm oil is a lot cheaper which makes for more of a profit, but it's very bad for the environment.
In recent years palm oil has become more and more popular. It's in things like lipstick, pizza, champagne, ice cream, and detergent. So pretty much anything you use on a day to day basis. The problem with palm oil is that in order to get it people are cutting down huge rain forests. This is not only killing the environment, but also the animals living in it. It's important to be aware of products that use palm oil and to stay away from them.
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