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TOPIC: The Last Presidential Debate

The Last Presidential Debate 20 Oct 2016 22:13 #10659

  • katie.lovo
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I have been very interested in this presidential election and in this week's media, the last presidential debate caught my attention. I just find it so intriguing to hear the different rhetoric each politician uses in order to persuade the audience on who is more fit to be president. In my opinion, Hillary Clinton is more successful in the way she speaks to her audience and tries to convince them that she is the best candidate. She does not insult anyone and she does not come off as aggressive. On the other hand, Donald Trump continues to approach the audience aggressively with constant insulting remarks, which makes him appear even more unfit to be president.

I strongly believe that Donald Trump gets the support that he has from the show he puts on for people. He is entertaining to watch because of the ridiculous things that he says and being controversial catches attention. In the debate, I felt like Hillary was finally releasing all the tension and grudges she has felt towards Trump since the first two debates. She seemed very prepared and successfully laid out her various plans on how she will run the country. Trump seemed a little choked up and very upset in the direction that the debate was going in because it seemed like he was less prepared.

Both Clinton and Trump have very different approaches on how they present themselves to the public and very different views on how they want to run the country. The debate was very intense for me because of all the tension that is just so obvious between the two candidates. Trump uses rhetoric to aggressively attack his audience and Clinton, and it seems like he throws a fit every time things don't go his way. He is good at diverting away from the question. Overall, I thought the debate was very entertaining to watch and very important to watch as well to keep in tune with what's happening in our own country.
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The Last Presidential Debate 29 Oct 2016 16:45 #10735

  • hudson.l
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The last debate was interesting. In all honesty, I'd have to say that Clinton won Rounds 1 and 3 but Trump won Round 2 simply because he was out of control. The Access Hollywood tape had just been released and everybody was expecting him to be annihilated but I think because he just had so much adrenaline, he was out of control and took some intense stabs at Clinton which gave him the win. The last debate however, the guy didn't know his left from his right. I was mind blown at the fact that he said he met with the President of Mexico and secured a good relationship with him. Clinton immediately looked at him and said, "Trump didn't even bring up the issue of the wall to the President of Mexico, he choked." This is not the person with integrity and leadership. He may talk tough but Donald Trump is a coward and I think in the last debate, he got what he deserved.
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