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TOPIC: Should Trump Deport His Own Wife?

Should Trump Deport His Own Wife? 05 Nov 2016 19:45 #10819

  • madelyn.v
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A Few hours ago the press released several articles discussing Melania Trump's immigration reports. It turn out that she had worked 10 different modeling jobs and was paid even before she had the proper documentation to work in the United States. I am not one to judge her, or am I judging her. But, I just see lots of controversy because her Husband Donald Trump does not tolerate illegal immigrants working in this country and wants a massive deportation force. And the craziest part is that earlier in Trumps presidential campaign, Melania was asked and she said she completely agreed with her husband. She said, she was an immigrant but completed all her proper legal documentation before even doing anything in this country. For one I honestly think that she shouldn't of denied. Also Donald Trump should have really thought about what he was going to say about his deportation plan before it backfired.
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Should Trump Deport His Own Wife? 06 Nov 2016 14:59 #10821

  • KrisakornNiamsomboon
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Yeah I think the main issue here is that she lied to everyone. I think it's okay to be an immigrant and still think you need to come America legally. The issue is lying to everyone and pretending like you did everything correct just to manipulate people to supporting your husband's claim. If you think about it, it's not even an important topic to lie about. There were so many ways she could have been truthful while still supporting her husband's claims.

If these people are willing to lie for no real reason. Why should the American people trust them with the presidency?
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