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TOPIC: Another post about trump

Another post about trump 11 Nov 2016 18:30 #10891

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As we all now know Donald Trump has been elected America's 45th president. I with many other people who voted did not want this man to be the president. Here are my reasons why. He doesn't care about what the world thinks about him, when you are the face of the free world you must care about what people think about you because it could create potential problems with other world leaders. Many will see this as disrespect especially if he decides to make fun of them the way he likes to with everyone he doesn't like. He doesn't care about the people who created this country, immigrants. The foundation of this country was built on the backs of immigrants no matter where they came from because this is the land of opportunity.

I saw he doesnt care because he categorizes all mexican's as illegal aliens, as well as violent criminals. I my self am a Hispanic American and i feel that life is a harder as a minority. Being a Young Hispanic in America is hard and I can only imagine what women go through as it intersects with being a minority. With this Man becoming president I feel that society will feel its ok to do certain things that were frowned upon. I feel that it will be harder for me to get a job after college, I am afraid for my job security now because if I were to mess up any little thing my job is on the line because people will feel more obligated to judge my work ethic.

After a few days to think about how my life is going to be with Donald Trump as my president I came to a conclusion. I took Hillary Clinton said about still fighting for whats right. Although this man runs the country him being president doesnt effect my daily life, i feel that if he become my mayor then yes it would effect it much more. We have to still fight for what we believe in as the people because we the people rule this nation. I took in consideration of what my co-worker said " God doesnt make mistakes, it will all work out in the end." I also took some of my own ideas that i have had. Don't let you're hate for someone rule youre life. Look I know that this sucks but we obviously need to step back and re-think this. We are the new generation and the old generation is still in control but we can change this by becoming more active in our polls, becoming public figure's that will help create laws that will help everyone get along, and teaching the next generation that they have this power.
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