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TOPIC: Trump supporters launch boycott

Trump supporters launch boycott 18 Nov 2016 13:40 #10968

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The whole process of the presidential election seemed like complete chaos, and like a complete circus to me. But it doesn't end there folks. Among a huge list of absurdities following Trump's... victory... I came across this article. It states that Trump supporters are launching boycotts for companies such as PepsiCo, GrubHub, Macy's, Amazon, Netflix, Ben & Jerry's, and the list goes on. Some of the most ridiculous: 1. Macy's is on the boycott list because they won't be bringing back Trump's clothing line (I wasn't even aware he had one. Good riddance, in my opinion). I mean, is this supposed to be legitimate? and 2. Ben & Jerry's because it supports the Black LIves Matter movement. Though there was always a presence of racism, in some places more obvious than others, it seems that Trump supporters and finding it easier and easier to be open about making statements such as these? It's preposterous and makes me at a loss for words. I know that many people having been saying the whole process (of the presidential election) showed such a great divide, but what is scary to me, is that it is getting worse and worse. I watched a video on Facebook where a man was explaining that the issue is that there is no more communication. People are afraid to have an open and "good" debate, and an exchange of thoughts. People (many times) keep their opinions to themselves, and come voting day, they do things such as vote for Trump. It continues to say that we have lost the ability to debate, without pointing fingers and name-calling. With this is mind, I often find myself trying to think of what could possibly be the best way to deal with this ignorance, and this outright and "loud", ridiculous racism. Right now, I'm feeling a little hopeless, and wondering if will be able to bring change. I hope so.
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