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TOPIC: "Tantrums Against Trump"

"Tantrums Against Trump" 20 Nov 2016 00:22 #10979

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Tomi Lahren, the conservative host of the YouTube channel, Final Thoughts, had a lot to say about the protests occurring following Donald Trump's announced presidency. She started off by stating "a bunch of sore losers occupying a space" is throwing a tantrum in attempts to differentiate between peaceful protests and tantrums after Trump's "historic and earned victory." She then accused Trump protesters were intolerant and closed-minded for not accepting Trump's "victory" and being upset that Hillary lost. Lahren stated that protesters should have put that much passion and energy into voting for Clinton as opposed to spending their time protesting Trump. While discussing that the protesters are complaining of voter fraud, she states that Republicans are the only ones who suffer from voter fraud and fight for voter IDs and other methods to prevent voter fraud. Throughout the entire video, Lahren refers to the protests as tantrums and says that nobody threw tantrums after President Obama won the elections in both 2008 and 2012. She went on to list two reasons as to why Republicans didn't protest after Obama's two victories : the first being that they are all graceful losers, the second being that they work so hard, they do not have time to protest during the work day. She essentially chalked up the protests to "snowflake millennials" who were upset that Clinton did not win. She then criticized the statement that a majority of voters were uneducated and could not understand why a piece of paper proved that they set the standard for an educated voter. Of course, Lahren then showed a video of a group of protesters shouting obscenities against Trump, indirectly claiming they were uneducated. She claims that most of Trump voters were hard workers, business owners, family people, and follow the law. She finally closes the video off by saying Trump has opened his arms to those who did not vote for him and that protests and "tantrums" were foolish.

There were so many comments that frustrated me throughout the video. Tomi Lahren is an ultra conservative who made some claims that did not seem educated or well-founded. Firstly, her name calling and claiming the protests "tantrums" automatically discredited her, in my opinion. Next, when she claimed that Trump supporters were sore losers, I feel like she doesn't really understand what the protests are about. Yes, many voters are upset that Clinton did not win, but the bigger picture is that less than a majority of voters elected a man who has been controversial and has made racist, misogynistic, the list goes on comments towards minority groups. She claims those who voted for Trump should have put their energy into voting for Hillary. The problem with that is Clinton won a majority of the votes, Trump just won the electoral college which voters can't do anything about. The issue with voter fraud was to an extent a valid argument as far as Republicans generally being in favor of voter IDs, however historically this is due to the fact that Republicans wanted to prevent minorities from voting (think prevent enforcing citizens to have ideas to prevent poor people from voting). Protests have more to do with the fact that Clinton won the majority of popular votes yet the Electoral College still voted for Trump. One of the most frustrating comments she made was why Republicans were not protesting after Obama's wins in 2008 and 2012 because they are apparently graceful winners and work hard so they do not have time to protest. For one, Trump has been an extremely controversial president whereas President Obama was not so we cannot compare the two. Secondly, it is insulting to imply that those who are protesting are not hard workers when a majority of the protests took place at night or on the weekend and those that did protest during the week were typically students. It is really frustrating that she represents the voice of a good majority of conservatives who do not understand what the protests are about and why people are upset. They want to call us whiners and sore losers when in reality, it is much bigger than what they perceive. These protestors are upset with a candidate who has been controversial and discriminatory, bragged about sexual assualt, instilled fear in American citizens or at least campaigned to appeal to those fears, and did not win the popular vote. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to protest as it is free speech and their right so a majority of her claims and comments were unfair, uneducated, and generally frustrating, in my opinion. I generally try to be accepting of people's points of view and see their perspective but I think that we need more compassion and understanding in society, not people such as Tomi Lahren who enjoy criticizing and making fun of those who feel they are fighting for their voices to be heard rather than trying to understand the deeper problem.

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